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Valentine's Day

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Promotion that brings more customers into your store and gives you higher sales & bigger profits!

Special! ½ OFF bud vases while supply lasts. Only $3.00 each

Our roses are painstakingly handcrafted with real roses to create a unique work of art...

as unique as your love!

Forever Love

These seasonal promotions are designed to bring new  customers into your store and to reward your best customers so they continue to be loyal by visiting and purchasing from your store!

Grow Your Sales

This collection of unique one-of-a-kind gold plated items are perfectly designed for that special occasion. 

Unique & Special

Our store sells a lot of roses and the customers really like the variety of colors that the birth month collection offers. We've found that people will buy a birth month rose to commemorate their anniversary, a birthday or any special event in their life.

Laura Sipe, J.C. Sipe Jewelers, Indianapolis, Indiana


Referring to the Birth Month Lacquered Roses


to Independent Jewelers

We do not sell to the Public

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