Our store sells a lot of roses and the customers really like the variety of colors that the birth month collection offers. We've found that people will buy a birth month rose to commemorate their anniversary, a birthday or any special event in their life.

Laura Sipe, J.C. Sipe Jewelers, Indianapolis, Indiana

Referring to the Birth Month Lacquered Roses

We advertise the roses in our small local paper and they literally blow out of the store at Valentine's Day. Also, we put a sign out front of our store. It's hard to keep them in stock because they sell so fast. We've been selling them for 7 years and our customers buy them year round.

Linda Mills, Owner of Pineforest Jewelers, Houston, Texas

Referring to the The Rose Collection

Our funeral homes have been offering the lacquer rose trimmed in gold for the past 5 years. During this period, we consistently re-ordered more roses to keep up with the demand of the families that we serve.

Jed Dunnichay, Penwell-Gable Funeral Homes, Topeka, Kansas

Referring to the Lacquer Rose Trimmed in 24 Karat Gold

They were fantastic! We bought 200 pins for Christmas and initially used them for an in-store promotion. Next, we gave them away as a gift with purchase. Customers were coming in and buying something just to get a pin! I can't wait to see how the hearts do for Valentine's Day. We sure had fun with them.

Kay Sloate, The Gold Bug, Corpus Christi, Texas

Referring to the Flashing Light Pins

One year ago for the Holiday Season, we mailed 300 Mistletoe to our best customers. Enclosed was a card that read "We'd Kiss You If We Could. Thank you!" It greatly contributed to our two stores having the best Holiday Season in our 34 years. And, the good will that it created has lasted all year. We've already ordered 300 holly ornaments for this year.

Jason Druxman, General Manager, Avenue Jewelers, Appleton, Wisconsin

Referring to the Gold Plated Mistletoe & Holly

My store has been selling the rose for the past 5 years and we just had our best Mothers Day ever. The roses sell very easily. We display them prominently in our store which enables us to sell 275 each year. The birth month roses have worked real well for us. In fact, I just had to place another order for more to replace all of the roses that we sold at Mothers Day. Our customers consistently add to their rose collection through out the year. This gives us a chance to show them more jewelry each time.

Navin Bajaj, Shalimar Jewelers, Tampa, Florida

Referring to the Birth Month Lacquered Roses

Our Store has sold over 1200 gold & silver golf balls in the past 3 years to golfers, wives of golfers, golf pros and country club tournaments. They work especially well when a customer needs to buy a gift for someone who is a golfer. We have had our customers tell us some amazing stories about holes in one and impossible putts that were made with the gold golf balls. And that's what makes these golf balls so popular - they're so unique that golfers build memories and legends around them.

Brenda Wilkerson, Owner: Bridgeport Gold & Silver, Bridgeport Texas

Referring to Golf Gifts

I was having a new set of golf clubs made and asked the facility to check out the gold plated golf ball. I hit the gold ball numerous times in the lab and with different clubs. None of the clubs left a mark on the ball. I asked three people standing there to witness the condition of the ball after I hit it. None of them could find even a scratch. It may not be quite as perfect after I played 18 holes with it but the golf pro and chief tester were amazed.

Jack Redmond, Dallas, Texas

Referring to Golf Gifts

I had purchased one of your gold golf balls as a gift for a friend of mine last summer. We were playing recently and on the 18th hole and he had this impossible putt that was about 40 ft on a side of the hill going both uphill and then downhill. Just as I started laughing, he pulled out the gold ball that I had given him. And guess what? He made that unbelievable putt with that dang gold ball and he won the game!

David Smith, Bridgeport, Texas

Referring to Golf Gifts

I was in a "putt-off" tournament in Knoxville recently with 100 other golfers and about 150 spectators so I decided to use the gold golf ball. I use an old Ping putter that makes a "ping" sound when you hit the golf ball. Well, when I putted with the gold plated golf ball, the "ping" sound was loud enough to attract attention from everybody else. Afterwards, golfers at the tournament would recognize and comment upon me as "the guy with the gold golf ball!" It was a lot of fun.

Mark Enix, Owner. Fountain City Jewelers, Knoxville, Tennessee

Referring to Golf Gifts